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legrand bruitLeGrand Bruit “Endure” 81% by A.S.

conquestConquest The War We Rage 81% by A.S.

powerthronePowerthrone Metal Kingdom 80% by A.S.

judicator sleepy plessowJudicator Sleepy Plessow 95% by A.S.

raptor schoolRaptor School Geiger Counter 83% by A.S.

DEATH-DEALER-WAR-MASTERDeath Dealer Warmaster 96% by J.M.

Fiakra-InvasionFiakra Invasion 70% by A.S.

order of tyrOrder of Tyr Tearing Reality Asunder 78% by A.S.

masters of metalMasters of Metal Masters of Metal EP 87% by J.M.

heddaHedda The Storm 83% by A.S.

Attacker_GOCAttacker Giants of Canaan 92% by N.K.

skyliner_alchemistSkyliner The Alchemist EP 81% by A.S.

project-roenwolfe-roanoke(single)-20130227090546Project: Roenwolfe “Roanoake” Single 90% by A.S.

enceladus time in a dreamEnceladus Time in a Dream EP 85% by A.S.

mindmazeMindMaze Mask of Lies 85% by A.S.

knightmareKnightmare Damned & Forsaken 82% N.K.

obsessionObsession Order of Chaos 85% S.K.

poseidons angerPoseidon’s Anger War of the Gods 81% B.A.

silencer the great bearSilencer The Great Bear 92% A.S.

reverenceReverence When Darkness Calls 84% A.S.

norrokNorrok Bloodstone 88% by J.M.

cover finall2Spelled Moon Forsaken Spells 80% by A.S.

VANLADE_500Vanlade Iron Age 80% by N.K.

judicator heroes and villainsJudicator “Heroes and Villains” 90% by A.S./E.B.

omega reignOmega Reign Arise 85% by S.K.

Phantom-X Opera of the Phantom 70% by A.S.

AxeHammer Marching On 80% by N.K.

Kamelot Silverthorn 93% by B.A.

Zeroasis X-factor 65% by M.J.

KrethX Wielder of the Blade 91% by J.M.

Judicator King of Rome 85% by A.S. 

Judicator King of Rome 90% by E.B.

Vacant Throne Fall of the Feathered King 85% by A.S.

Disforia Our Time Defined 85% by J.M.

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